Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's Free This Week

So what's free this week?

Funny you should ask! From Aug 26 to Aug 28(2014), volume 2 of Michael Jay Tucker's explosive-cargo columns can be had, for FREE, from Amazon. You can see the book here:


These date back to the 1994 and include some of the funniest and wildest of Tucker's writings.

So drop by and pick up a copy. It's free, so you got nothin' to lose :-)

Monday, August 25, 2014

And while you're waiting, check out these other cool prints from FAA

As you know, we've just begun our own new Fine Art America gallery.

We've only got a few images there just yet, but while you're waiting, have a glance at these fine New Mexico-themed prints from other artists on the site. We hate to toot the horn of our rivals, but there's some darn good stuff here:

new mexico prints

Our new Fine Art America Page!

You know that B&B is now publishing graphics as well as text works. Well, now something even more exciting!

We've got our own Fine Art America gallery!

Check it out here: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/belfortbastion-images.html

From this site, you can buy prints, canvas prints, and all manner versions of our artists' graphics. So head on over today and have a look.

We're just getting started, so there are only a couple of artists on display. But come back often. We've got loads of stuff coming!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Free on Aug 17 and Aug 18

What's free from Belfort & Bastion right now! Well, we've got some Explosive-Cargo for you!

"Clueless CEOs, egomaniacal engineers, dim-witted trade press hacks, Proftalk, Depth Charges, BERNIE the larcenous (and lecherous) virtual sidekick, Stewdspeak, bobbing for leeches, GATEKEEPIR the ghastly net-denizen …they're back!"

Before blogs, before social networking, before the Web itself…there were "ezines," personal publications emailed to their readers. Michael Jay Tucker's explosive-cargo (Xcargo) was one of the most popular ezines of the 1990s, with a subscriber list of over a 1000 and a pass along readership of maybe ten times that. A wild compendium of comedy, political commentary, tender personal essays, and just plain silliness, Xcargo had fans all over the 'Net.

Belfort & Bastion is delighted to announce that the original Xcargos are now available in book form. Explosive-Cargo 94: The Best Of The Beginnings contains some of the very first Xcargo columns—including the hysterical introduction of BERNIE and the premier of "Depth Charges (the lowest form of explosive-cargo)" as well as Tucker's homage to domestic bliss, "House," and his grieving response to anti-Abortion violence in "Brookline 1994."

And best of all, this first collection of Tucker's Xcargos will be free for download on Aug 17 and Aug 18. So head on over to Amazon and pick up a few spare Cargos!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Victor Storiguard's in Free and PWYW This Week

What's on the Free and PWYW site this week? Well, let's start with the science fiction of Victor Storiguard, the artiste of the posthuman.

First we have one of Victor's standalone stories, "A Singular Encounter," the tale of a pleasant professor from a "post-apocalypse" future who discovers there never was a real apocalypse …and is nearly murdered for saying so.

Fortunately, she has very powerful friends.

Even if she doesn’t know it.

Then, as a downloadable ebook (available as both kindle and epub), we have The Tower, The Hunger, a much scarier story. Once again, it is set in a near future that has lost contact with its own past. Once again, we have some university professors…but not nice ones this time.

And, worse, they find themselves in possession of a weapon …a transhuman weapon…which could murder the world.

So check out both!

A Singular Encounter
The Tower, The Hunger