Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Peter H. Salus and the Gordy and Weena Series

Hi, Everyone,

Don't forget, we've got a remarkable collection from Peter H. Salus on offer. Most people know Peter as a big league academic and technical guru. But, guess what? He also does really fun romantic adventure novels. (Who knew?)

Most, but not all, of his stories involve a remarkable couple, Gordy and Weena, two romantics based in Australia. All they want is to love each other enormously, have a family, and live quietly. But, somehow, they keep having adventures.

So be sure to check out:


Love In Laverton -- Laverton is a town in Western Australia. It's tough as nails, but also beautiful in the wild way of the Outback.

Rowena was pretty much the same.

Gordy was a government man. An entomologist. They'd sent him into the desert in search of ants. And God knows there was no shortage of those.

But then, Rowena found Gordy and Gordy found Rowena…

And after that…well…nothing was ever going to be the same.


Along The Finke -- Gordy and Weena are back! And they're in another rollicking adventure in Australia's wild, wild west!

Professor Gordy Hollister, entomologist extraordinaire, and Roweena Scott, self-described "qualified bush nurse" and general healer par excellence…the sweet and witty couple that readers met in Peter H. Salus' Love in Laverton…have returned. Newly married and on their honeymoon, they're hoping for a nice, quiet, romantic getaway in Alice Springs.

That's what they wanted.

What they got was Charlie, the stranded cowboy from faraway Texas; Maddy, the sassy and tough-as-nails "pastoralist" (rancher) from the South; and about half a thousand long-horned cattle needing to get to the Finke River.

And pretty soon the whole bunch of 'em…Gordy, Weena, Charlie, Maddy, and the livestock to boot…are on their way cross country in the wildest cattle drive this side of the OK Corral.

By turns funny, sweet, sexy, and exciting, Along The Finke is a book sure to delight Salus' many fans. Be sure to add it to your collection. And keep an eye peeled. There's more Gordy and Weena to come.

On Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OZ8K1G6

Gone Fishin' --  It's Gordy and Weena's third adventure in the Australian Outback…and this one's a doozy! Gordy's got a new job, new friends, and new enemies! In short order he has to deal with invasive species, envious co-workers, an outbreak of phylloxera (the wine blight), and a tough as nails but supportive new boss who figures he's just the boy-genius she needs to extend her office's authority to Western Australia. Oh, and, by the way, the Department of Defense wants to give him a medal.

But that's NOT the BIG news.

The big news is Weena. She wants to have a baby.

And if Gordy knows what's good for him…

Another fun and rollicking adventure with everyone's favorite Australian power couple! Download it today!

On Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q7HPJ5Q

Young Gordy -- Okay, you didn't think Gordy was a virgin before he met Weena, did you?

In this collection of fun, rollicking, and downright lusty tales from Peter H. Salus, we meet Gordy before he met Weena, his soul mate.

And what a lad he was! Here we find him having a grand time with all sorts of ladies…and them enjoying him as well! There's Randi, a professor who lives up to her name, and who has a most unusual definition of the term "field work."  Then there's Jenny, Winnie, and Karen…three dazzling young women who decide that sharing Gordy is more fun than competing for him. And there's Diana, who manages to combine brains and beauty into one knock-out package.

Oh, and by the way, somehow in all of this, he still manages to do some topnotch work with bugs…

So check out Young Gordy! A new collection of tales from Peter H. Salus, the creator of the Gordy and Weena series.

On Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QXF5VNW

Visiting Queensland -- Everyone's favorite Australian cute couple has returned. Once more, Gordy and Weena are doing battle with dimwitted bureaucrats, invasive species, climate change, drought, and dengue fever, more or less in that order. And, yet, somehow, on a visit to Queensland, they still managed to have a good deal of sweet romance and serious fun.

Oh, and one other thing.

Weena's pregnant.

On Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Visiting-Queensland-Adventures-Gordy-Weena-ebook/dp/B00S71GZHG

And Baby Makes Three -- Gordy and Weena are back…and guess who's along for the ride! Number one son, Patrick, has picked this particular moment to put in an appearance.

And what a time it is! Gordy and Weena have to deal with all sorts of chaos! They've got to get not one but two couples of old friends hitched up in wedded bliss. Then there's their careers to manage. Plus some office politics. And there's the world's most obnoxious co-worker who needs to get neutralized.

Oh, and another thing. There's a chance that newborn Patrick has some serious connections to Dreamtime…

But not to worry. Gordy, Weena, and young Master Patrick will handle it all with major finesse in this rollicking romance from Peter H. Salus!

Paperback: https://www.createspace.com/5285502

And now for something a little different, a full fledged murder mystery!

To Murder and Create -- The Professor was very, very dead…

"He didn't look up when I closed the door. I walked towards him, but stopped. There was something sticking out of his back, a small stain on his grey suit jacket, and I'd read too many murder mysteries…"

Someone had put a knife into Dr. Gillespie. Not that anyone minded particularly. Everyone hated the pompous little twit. When he wasn't sexually harassing the female students, he was humiliating the staff. And there wasn't a professor or administrator on campus who didn't wish him ill.

Still, murder seemed a bit much. Even for the likes of Gillespie.

So it looks like it is up to Burton Diver, professor of Scandinavian Literature and general good guy, to track down the killer.

If, that is, the killer doesn’t find him first...

So, check out this rollicking new murder mystery from Peter H. Salus, author of the famed Gordy and Weena books!

Kindle e-book: http://www.amazon.com/Murder-Create-Peter-Salus-ebook/dp/B00WA9TONI/